The Talon Team

Meet the People who make some of the best USA Made fishing rods

Talon has been around for 30+ years and has always been a company that believe in 100% made American Products and we take pride in what we make. We try and push ourselves to keep creating and moving forward with new designs and technology to bring you the best American Made fishing rods!

Daily Operations

These are the people who put in the work daily to bring you amazing fishing gear!

Oscar Ojeda

The guy who knows how to build rods!

Esteban Ojeda

Shop Manager

Nymgyal Napali

Orders & Shipping

Jake Carse

General Manager

Research & Development

This group is out there logging hours and putting our gear to the test.

Brianna Bruce

Rod Testing

Ed Chin

Rod Testing

The Hyde Family

Rod Testing

Brad Loomis