What is Osprey Composites?

The combination of three trusted materials comes together in a phenomenal composite blank series called “Osprey Composites”. Fiberglass has always been ultra-strong, with a slower action and responsiveness, but adding T700 & T800 to the blank-building process enables anglers to harness the best of both worlds. Anglers often don’t even realize it is a composite when they first hold these blanks, due to the relative lightness when compared to other fiberglass and composite blanks on the market - but these blanks truly do feature glass. Of course, the blend and pattern is all dependent on the technique, but these components can run the gamut from very moderate and softer, to a faster and more responsive option. Even though composites have been thought of as essentially a slightly faster glass over the years, you may be surprised by the capabilities of these blanks, beyond just their durability. Go composite and open up a whole new world of rod-building possibilities!

Osprey Composites by Collection

Why do we add SJ and MB to some of the Osprey Composites?

What's the significance?

Both the SJ and MB have a following in the blanks and rod business.  These mandrel designs have been around for many years as they are both multi taper mandrels. They give you features of a performance, crispy, fast tip with excellent versatility depending on what materials you use in your blank design.  

SJ Composites

SJ stands for our spin jig mandrel to which we make the blank on. It gives you a fast action rod blank, medium power and remains lightweight and powerful.

Under heavier loads the blank will bend back into the handle. The mandrel stays smaller in the butt section vs the MB

MB Composites

MB stands for mag bass mandrel to which we make the blank on it gives you a fast action rod blank with a heavy power rod blank. The blank can remain very powerful in the butt section while still keeping its lightweight character like its brother the SJ.  Under heavier loads the blank will not bend into the handle. The mandel flairs up bigger in the butt section to give you more power.