The Hyde Family

Keith Hyde

Keith was raised in Portland, Oregon in a family that fished and hunted regularly. Keiths father played a big role when he was young & instilled in him the love for fishing and hunting. And Keith hasn’t forgotten that to this day. In fact, he has passed that love of the outdoors down to his son Donny who started the Columbia River chapter of NW Steelheaders in Clark County, Washington. Keith’s fished here in the PNW for many years and primarily targeted salmon, steelhead and kokanee/trout.  Now that he is retired, he’s been branching out to walleye, tuna and ling cod. If it swims he’s fishing for it. “I'm honored and excited to be a part of the Talon Rod prostaff.” says Keith, well the feeling is mutual and we are more than honored to have you be a part of the team!

Donny Hyde

Born and raised in Washington. Donny has been fishing the local rivers and local lakes since before he can remember. He spent 5 years Active Duty in the Air Force and after his time in the Air Force, Donny joined the Oregon Air National Guard and is currently full time at the Portland Air National Guard Base. 

Anything fishing and outdoors related, Donny is in! Currently, Donny is the President of the Columbia River Chapter of the Association of Northwest Steelheaders, the only chapter in Washington, which is a local nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to enhancing and protecting our fisheries and their habitats. Also, Donny is a Pro Staff member of The Fallen Outdoors, which is a national non-profit organization that gets veterans, any age, any branch of service, out into the outdoors hunting and fishing, completely free of charge.

Helping Others

Organization Keith & Donny are apart of